About Us​

We are committed to building a foundation for health finances, mindset, and resources.


To promote knowledge to raise the standard of living for children, families and society.

To engage families and organizations to create an autonomous unit for mutual benefit.


To make every child’s potential a reality by engaging organizations, empowering
families, communities and organizations to advocate for all children.


Kaizen – Small, continual improvements
Agility – Be flexible and able to respond to unforeseen changes
Respect, Resiliency, Responsibility
Empathy – truly understand the need and connect with people to give strengh
to continue a journey

Meet the Team

Luis Zepeda

President & Founder

Oak Cliff, Dallas native familiar with the educational gap and limited resources available to low-income families. Business and informational technology expert with volunteer experience wanting to share ways to a healthy financial and mental living with the community.

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Kory Taborn

Board Member

Experienced software architect who brings expertise in application and web resources. Familiar with many financial resources and will serve as co-teacher of financial literacy courses.

Tina Lam

Board Member

Managerial expert in corporate finance and accounting who provides operational guidance. Supports the initiative of mental and financial health via lifestyle management and therapy animals.

Nigel David

Board Member

Software architect who brings in application and web development for creation of digital coursework and tools.

Genesis Contreras

Social Engagement & Mental Health Literacy Coordinator

Passionate nurse interested in mental health and therapy animals to support a healthy lifestyle. Marketing and partnership coordination to bring awareness to the organization.

brain, mind, psychology-2062057.jpg

Lina Zepeda

Executive Assistant

Former librarian familiar working with community programming and development. Operational coordinator and programming assistance.